We can finance these and other properties where they are leased to credit tenants









Minimum Loan Size $5 million
Maximum Loan Size None
Location Nationwide and Canada
Immediate Funding Program Yes
Forward Program Yes - up to 12 months
Loan Term Generally co-terminus with remaining term of lease
Interest Rate U.S. Treasury rate plus spread based on credit rating of tenant. Locked at commitment
Maximum Loan to Value 100%
Minimum Debt Service Coverage 1.00x
Liability Non-recourse except for standard carve outs
Commitment Fees Typically None
Good Faith Deposit 2% of the commitment amount - due upon the issuance of the commitment. REFUNDABLE at closing
Reserves Certain reserves may be required depending on landlord obligations
Casualty Gap and Condemnation Insurance Borrower may be required to obtain
Pre-payment penalty Make whole provision
Assumable Yes, subject to Lender approval and a 1% transfer fee

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