We can finance these and other properties where they are leased to credit tenants




American Funding Corporation, is seeking financing opportunities for single tenant properties and ground leases on investment grade, and on a case by case basis, non-investment grade tenants under the following programs:




1.  Typical fixed rate CTL program with the term and amortization commensurate with the primary lease term.  Loans can be underwritten with a minimum debt coverage of 1.00x and up to 100% of value.  With the addition of residual value insurance, a longer amortization can be structured thus creating a balloon balance and additional loan proceeds.  Minimum loan $5 million.  Property pools especially attractive.

2.  Fixed rate 5, 7, and 10 year term mortgages with a 30 year amortization.  Loans are underwritten at a debt coverage of 1.20x to a maximum 80% of value.  An interest only component for the first couple of years can also be structured.  Minimum loan $10 million.

3.  A/B note structure with the same components as program #2 above with the addition of a "B" (mezzanine) note that is self liquidating over the term.  Loans can be underwritten with a minimum debt coverage of 1.0x on the”B” note not to exceed 100% of value.  Minimum loan $10 million.

Our CTL program typically contains no origination, placement or commitment fees and in all cases is non-recourse with exception to standard carve-outs.  Forward commitments will also be considered on a case by case basis.  Pricing is determined by the credit strength of the underlying tenant
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